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Watching Congress in action during the debt ceiling debacle last summer was the spark that convinced Leslie Coolidge to run for the 6th District Congressional seat. Congress, she saw, risked our national economy and financial standing in the world simply to hand the President a defeat. As an experienced CPA and external auditor, she understands that the economy is not a game and should not be a political football. Leslie Coolidge believes that there are practical and pragmatic solutions for the problems that face America. We just need to elect people who will put the needs of America’s families first. 

Bring Back American Jobs

Too many of our roads, bridges and schools are old and crumbling. We can put America back to work by making repairing them a priority. More people working means more money being spent at American’s businesses, which will then need to hire more people to keep up with demand. It’s simple economics: more money in the economy means more demand for America’s products and services and more jobs for American workers. 

Create Financial Incentives for Businesses to Create Jobs and for Banks to Lend

Leslie was an external auditor for Fortune 500 companies for most of her career. In the process, she observed specific processes that encouraged businesses and banks to contribute to economic growth. She believes that targeted incentives (not tax breaks) are what is needed to help businesses create jobs and encourage banks to lend. Otherwise, financial capital will continue to sit on the sidelines waiting for more favorable conditions, while the American middle class waits for the economy to produce more jobs. Without incentives, it could be a long wait for mortgage relief. 

Stop the Assault on Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights

Our current Congress is determined to roll back the clock on women’s health care and reproductive freedom. It is amazing that people who decry big government see nothing wrong with government coming between a woman and her doctor when it comes to the most important decision about her body. Denying women insurance coverage for reproductive health and restricting the decisions they can make about their own health care is just plain wrong. 

Value Education as an Engine of Innovation

Because our inventiveness has supported American prosperity for more than a century, we cannot continue to allow Congress to starve the American education system. Congress has a role to play in supporting education in America, in cooperation with local school systems. We must encourage local schools and institutions of higher learning to adopt the best practices of successful schools and produce tomorrow’s innovators. Otherwise, we risk ceding our technological superiority to other countries, along with our position in the world economy. 

Protect our environment for future generations

We need to invest in environmentally-sound solutions so that our water, air and climate do not continue to deteriorate. Our children and grandchildren deserve to grow up in a world where the adults are working on sustainable ways of producing the prosperity we all envision for our future. We cannot continue to exploit the earth as if there was no tomorrow. Americans deserve a world we can all enjoy and remain healthy in. 

Ensure that wealthy people pay their fair share of taxes

Our first priority has to be promoting economic growth and job creation. But we also need to address growing income inequality. Surveys show that the majority of wealthy people are ready to pay more in taxes if it serves to get our economy moving again, which is good for everyone. Specifically, tax cuts for those earning a million dollars or more each year should be eliminated. It is only fair. 

Strengthen the middle class

Congress should make the middle class, not the wealthy, its top priority. We must begin passing legislation that puts money into the pockets of average Americans where it will be spent to support growth of the economy. Congress should not be spending its time trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare, and pursuing anti-middle-class cost-cutting like refusing to fund health care for 9-11 responders and blocking the consumer financial protection bureau, all of which were Peter Roskam’s votes, in lockstep with Republican leadership. Congress is doing nothing to get the economy moving and that must stop. 

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